Sunday, September 30, 2012



  1. Buddy : Strong and in the meantime, tender.
    I like your work and your men... so BIG. Yeah ! More huge cocks, please !
    I am also fascinated by self sucking. Can you do again some posts like your series "bed" ? It will be great.
    Finally, i'll be glad if you will see my blog ONLY MANLY MUSCLEMEN.
    Hope you will enjoy it too, like me for your.

  2. I love how the smaller dude is only smaller "relatively," but is still jacked in his ow way.

    The mind reels with story lines . . . .

  3. love to see these 2 "buddies" in the wrestling ring...little one knows Muy Thai...kicks big stud in the head...staggers it's sexy punishment time for BIG BUDDY...

  4. Maybe some of you have already read three different stories with the single title "Stage Show" on
    Once you get to the website, you can do a search within the site to get to these hot stories all about MEN who could be on BodyLounger. Check them out! You won't be sorry.

  5. Great art. Can we get "Coach in the lockeroom?" Would love to see this coach showin' it off to the team. Tks!

  6. I LOVE your stuff man. You get everything just right. The veins are even well placed and sexy as hell. I am rock hard every time I view your page. Anymore animation coming?
    Brandon Hawk

  7. These two figures are the perfect 'duo': the smaller one submitting to the larger.It would be great to see them in a tender,passionate,embrace,kissing hard as their rock-hard cocks strain for release.