Sunday, November 13, 2011

Fucked Up

Here is some new animation for you perverts :P
This took about 6 weeks to make, four of which were spent just rendering the frames.
I know I'm my worst critic - there are a lot of flaws but I think the general idea cums across clearly.
It was a fun piece to work on.

On the tech side, for those of you interested:
the models and textures were created in Zbrush,
liquid simulation done with RealFlow,
animation and rendering done with Maya (HD 720),
video compositing done with After Effects

I uploaded using xtube because bloggers video quality and size are not my favorite, to put it kindly.


  1. Replies
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  2. Got me hot BL, tho as a true top cum pig, I would have swallowed every drop ; )

    1. Sorry Ulf, our tongues would have clashed like two angry fornicating rattlesnakes, to see who would have gotten to all this gushing sperm first! LOL .. But yeah, what an awesome animation. Anyone up (and rockhard) for life imitating Art ?! ...

  3. Fuck YEAH!!! Big muscles big loads to eat.

  4. Can you upload your other videos to Xtube? I like them, but I have issues with viewing at least one of them. The quality might be better, like this video.

    Xtube finally :)

  6. oh, dude
    why i can't see it anymore?
    i can saw it at 2 days ago, but now i can't see this hottest art.
    reupload, plz :(

  7. Fantastic artwork and animations. Do you or know any one who produces black male animations?

  8. Well, buddy, let me tell ya - AWESOME. YOu must be a bodybuilderlike me - or you can read minds. This is what most gay bodybuilders want in a partnership with another bodybuilder - fantasy, yes, but nonetheless, this is the ultimate that men of muscle would wish they could achieve. Excellent work, buddy. You've captured the essence of male bodybuilding bonding. Keep up the great work.

  9. WOW . LOVE it. Great animation!

  10. This is one of the best animations I've ever seen.
    Really excellent job on this one. I know that this is tedious to make, but I eagerly wait for more in the future.

  11. I've seen some straight 3D animations with characters made in Posers before.

    These zBrush characters are really great and while the cum in this animation still isn't realistic enough, it's much better than the cheap drips of the straight ones.

  12. FANTASTIC work!
    I've been stroking my big dick to this hot vid since I found it a few days ago....
    What you've done is create the visual realization of one of my favorite short porn stories from a MEN magazine from years ago involving a lab genius nerd and a growth serum he creates. The two guys in the story are pretty much exactly as you pictured in this incredible video.
    Thanks for making it!

  13. NNHHHHGGGG~! This is fuckin-tastic! :D All fantasy come true hehe
    Really keep it up

  14. I can only begin to tell you how much I enjoy this piece. SO. MUCH. FUN. Great work!

  15. I can only begin to tell you how much I enjoy this piece. SO. MUCH. FUN. Great work!

  16. my my MY!!!, this writes a new topic for gay sex, step aside golden rain, here comes CREAM RAIN

  17. 5th time cuming and coming and cuming back! oh boy you created a masterpiece, definitely the expression of the bearded man is speachless

    you are my mozart of muscle harmony!

  18. It is amazing, love it and watch it over and over again!

  19. i love how easily that guy takes that HUGE cock! dang thats good :)

  20. Well, here's something get some BIG inspiration from to write and draw again. Thanks for shattering my creative block in such a fun way. Joined the blog, bookmarked and... let's just say I'll look forward to sleeping VERY happy.

    I'm trying muscle growth and "larger than life" stories right now. I love working with others, and I hope you would able to spare some time to share ideas.

  21. I love the way his squating down on that big cock and then his thrusts up and out coordinate with the cum geysers. Super hot.

  22. I don't think I've seen an animation I've enjoyed more. I love this something crazy

  23. it is very nice and a masterpiece definitely but if you could make the manjuice looks thicker and creamier and maybe not so pure white but a little cream yellow would be perfect.

  24. I hope you come out with more like this soon!

  25. Truly Excellent
    Maybe next one a Pizza Delivery boy has his ass
    ripped open by a twenty inch cock and sqiurms to escape
    25 inch biceps!


  26. So damn beautiful, nasty, and sexy. I am spellbound.

  27. Would love to see him tied to a post bottom boi forced open gag mouth made to swallow all that - mouth tied wide and drown him and make him writhe while swallowing

  28. bareback Rape MITCHELL RAPE like this


  29. Fountain of Youth

  30. Very much agree with Ren - Mitchell Rock is perfect to be fuck/raped like this

  31. Your concept is truly inspired, but I would prefer that the cocks would once in a while be more realistic in size. It turns me off to see on your hyper males sex organs that will never be in real life. I know someday science will make possible bodies as muscular as the ones in your imagination. But the idea of penises almost as huge as arms would be an absolute travesty. In any event, I salute your production!

  32. A man who cums like this would be my dream come true - even though my laundry bill would skyrocket! Love this kind of animation, and the liquid simulation is the best I've seen. Inspired, and congratulations!

  33. Incredible, love the heavy cum shots the top and the bottom in synch with each other really makes it hot!

  34. Cum everywhere, long schlongs, what's not to love?

  35. amazing....well hot.

  36. I just shot in my pants...without touching ten work...I think Im in love...

  37. This is one of the hottest things I've ever seen. Amazing work!

  38. Agreed. I keep wishing for more;)

  39. Nicest thing Ihave ever seen.

  40. Nicest thing I have ever seen.

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