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Fucked Up

Here is some new animation for you perverts :P
This took about 6 weeks to make, four of which were spent just rendering the frames.
I know I'm my worst critic - there are a lot of flaws but I think the general idea cums across clearly.
It was a fun piece to work on.

On the tech side, for those of you interested:
the models and textures were created in Zbrush,
liquid simulation done with RealFlow,
animation and rendering done with Maya (HD 720),
video compositing done with After Effects

I uploaded using xtube because bloggers video quality and size are not my favorite, to put it kindly.

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It seems we're up to a 100,000 hits on this little blog. I'm not sure how accurate Blogger's hit counter is but we can celebrate approximately 100k.
Although, I may not respond to all your comments, I do read them. So, I should take this opportunity to thank you guys for your wonderful feedback and encouragement. I don't think I would continue to create these images if it wasn't for you guys.
Thank you.

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Animation test

Here's a little animation test. I created a custom rig on this model in Maya.
Not sure how much more animation I'll do. It's a lot of work!

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Caress, fondle, or molest?

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