Saturday, August 25, 2012

Slow Poke

This is a still-shot I just posed out from the models in the animation below.

It didn't come out quite as I would like. But maybe you'll enjoy it for what it is.


  1. Oh my god! This is fucking awesome! Especially, the bottom was fucked so hard and firm that his cock couldn't help leaking massive precum like a broken hose!

  2. WOW! We definitely would LOVE to see more of your AWESOME animations! They are so hot and me cum instantly...!!!

  3. Its a good start! Make cock twice as thick like a
    fire hydrant, when he pulls it out, it ricochets back
    and hits him in the chest and flops down emptying out
    its load uncontrollably/cut to second scene where
    fire hydrant is breaking guys jaw open, then back to
    fucking him.Guy on table should just be squirting rivers of
    cum uncontrollably with each thrust. Then its perfect!


  4. Perv that I am, I'm fantasizing the top having his wrists bound tight behind his huge ass! G-R-O-A-N !!

  5. Man, you are the best ! Go on ! More cock & cum !

  6. So amazing! So smooth and hot! please make more!!

  7. Yeah, please make more. With the massive muscle mammoths tied up! ;-)

  8. i'm so glad that i found this site! i feel like i'm home at last!
    For ideas, check story called "Stage Show." YOU'LL love it, SIR!

    1. i should've mentioned that a search for this title can be done on the site, for those of you unfamiliar with it. "Stage Show" has three distinct stories, and each is hot in its own right! Enjoy.

  9. i watched this again, and, damn, i wish we had sound with it. i'd love to hear the bottom moaning!

  10. Great animation. Superb attention to detail....
    Expression on the top's face.
    The bending of the cock as it thrusts into the hole.
    The slick of cum on the cock.
    The flexing of the top's glutes as he thrusts.

    Please create more!

  11. Seeing your work in motion is incredible!