Saturday, May 28, 2011

Stone Pedestal


  1. WOW! Fantastic! Petrifying the guy into a statue on the stone pedastal (derived from the post following this) is a superb bondage fantasy image. If possible, it would be GREAT to see an "intermediate" pose, where the bodybuilder is caught halfway through his transformation to rock, struggling against the entrapment (preferrably with someone pleasuring the hardening hunk ;-).

    Thanks so very much! --Jaye

  2. I agree with Jaye; AWESOME work! Love what you do, but especially the renderings in stone. Keep up the fantastic work!

  3. I really like the stone texture you used here! Where do you get them? Do you draw them yourself?

    I like how it looks like it has some moss in some places!

    I have to agree with Jaye. I'm not sure how hard it is to model the face in different expressions, but would love to see one of this HUNKS slowly turned to stone as he realizes what's happening to him :D