Thursday, April 11, 2013

Men's Room


  1. I am just wondering. Have you ever considered giving these muscle hotties foreskins?
    Their cock would definitely look better with some juicy and lovely foreskin

  2. Yea! Also feature a muscle god master forces his beefy slave to smell the reek scent of uncut cock and make his slave to clean up the creamy cockcheese stuck under the hood.

  3. Reallynlove the glasses. Hooe you do more with this character. It would be cool to see him worshipped by some college students! At any rate beautiful work!

  4. I agree! A muscle monster wearing glasses! What a hot combination! Have him in a chair with his huge arms pulled behind him and his wrists bound behind the chair's back. His ankles are tied to the back legs of the chair. Sweat rolls down his massive body. His cock is huge and rock solid. He awaits his captors, a pair of students!

  5. oh fuck men! holy shit i love beffy men !
    im folowing his blog are you linked me?

    the hottest depraved vids and pics from bodybuilders

  6. What would his captors, the two students, do to him, he wondered. Would they apply agonizing clamps on his nipples? Would they give him a tortuously slow blow job and take him to the edge of sanity? Would they whip his massive pecs? All these thoughts only made his cock go crazy with helpless lust. It wagged and spat thin strings of precum.

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  8. Would love to see him taking a big ol' piss through that powerful firehose! After all, he's already at the urinal, so......

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  10. what is mens room?Is it means I can drick men juice in this room?or I can fucked by the big black cock in this room?