Monday, October 10, 2011


It seems we're up to a 100,000 hits on this little blog. I'm not sure how accurate Blogger's hit counter is but we can celebrate approximately 100k.
Although, I may not respond to all your comments, I do read them. So, I should take this opportunity to thank you guys for your wonderful feedback and encouragement. I don't think I would continue to create these images if it wasn't for you guys.
Thank you.


  1. Hey, and i reckon you delivered on every single hit! Woof!

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  3. your creations are amazing!
    love those big muscled well endowed guys!
    And the animations are so real, how the cocks are swaying when they are touched, create more please (and longer ones)

  4. hey i would really love to see 5 or so guys with very thick cocks trying to get their cocks into one guys ass if you could make this i would jerkoff too many times